New Project

This week we have started a new project. We started by being given 3 different briefs that we could choose from. The first one was designing childrenswear for Next, the second was women’s sportswear for Marks and Spencers and the third one was designing textiles for Oasis. To help decide what brief we wanted to pick, Tania Bines came in again to talk to us about what goes into designing childrenswear (Click here for her first visit). She brought in some of the design specification sheets that they use at Paul Denicci, and some of the clothing that they had designed.

I chose the Next brief, I was drawn to the brief straight away and really excited to get into designing something different because I have never tried designing children’s clothing.

After we had picked our brief, we were given a S/S 17 trend. For childrenswear there were two trends, one for boys – Digital Wave- and one for girls – Encounter Culture. I liked the idea of the digital wave trend because the pages we were give were very brightly designed and I liked the idea of designing boys clothing because I wanted something unique and most people chose girls so I wanted to be different. I created a few pinterest boards about the trends to get an idea of what they were like and which area I wanted to go down (S/S 17 Digital Wave pinterest board). After looking at some the pictures, they started to remind of me of space and futuristic themes, as I created a board on space after that (Space Pinterest Board).

For the rest of the day, we had to go to our chosen store and photograph some items of clothing and look at how they are made and out of what. I went into both the store in town and the one at Tollgate. I had to photograph some of the collections of clothing that they had. I chose this one because there were a lot more colours used and more of a range of items of clothing. I found out that they have a lot of theme clothing in the boys section, these ones are minecraft and Marvel.

After that, I went to Debenhams and looked at some of the higher end clothing companies in there to compare them. I looked at the Baker by Ted Baker collection. I thought the collection was quite cute, but I did think it looked very stereotypical, lots of blue and greens and prints of cars. It was also the same in the girls side too, it was very pink and there were lots of floral prints.



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