Today in fashion construction, we moved on to creating panels.

We started off with a centre shoulder to waist panel. To do this, we started by drawing round the block, darts and all. We also had a back block that we drew round. We connected up the two dart lines so make one big line. We then took in the outer sides by 0.5cms and the same on the bottom of the waist darts. We traced round the 4 sections and added seam allowance to the dart sides

We then moved onto a armhole to waist offset bodice panel lines. We started by drawing round both the front and back block. We started by drawing the curve bodice panel that went from the armhole to the waist. We then measured the original waist dart and drew it in over the line that we just drew. We were adding a dart in the side rather than they shoulder so we had to move it. We drew in the dart that we want in the front, connecting with the bust dart point. We then did the cut and stick method to get rid of the shoulder dart but open up the one in the side. We drew in the balance points and cut out the 4 different sections.

We then moved onto a skirt with complex lines.We drew round the front and back of the skirt block, lining up the sides together. We drew in the style lines that we wanted, making sure that they went through the bottom of all the dart points and hit the bottom of the block. We cut up all the panel pieces, making sure the middle seam was cut out as one, then closed the original darts up. We pinned them to the fabric and added seam allowance to the seams we would be sewing. We started by sewing the two middle sections together and one of the darts at the waist. We then pinned in the curved sections carefully and sewed them in place. We kept one of the darts open so that we could get it on the mannequin and photograph it.


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