Grown-on Collar

Today, we spent the whole day making a grown-on collar.

We started by drawing round the whole of the bodice block. We then drew a line that was 1cm from the CF. Anywhere on that line we marked the breakpoint. We connected the breakpoint to the shoulder point with a straight line. We measured how big the back neck was (4cm) and drew a line from the shoulder line we just drew measuring that. Draw a right angle line to the right in 9cm. From the line we just drew to the breakpoint, draw a curved line that would be the shape of the collar.

We then traced off all the pieces that we needed. The original front with the collar. A piece with only the collar, the front facing. A back piece. And a back neck facing.

To start sewing, we did all the darts. We then sewed the shoulder seam on the front facing together. We then sewed the back facing to the back piece along the neck and shoulder. On the front facing pieces, we sewed the back neck facing to it. We then sewed the curved collar pieces together. Then we just sewed the finishing pieces like the side seams and the back facing to the back to keep it down.

This is the finished pieces, it was a lot of trouble to make and put together but it looks really good in the end and I am very happy with it.


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