Today in fashion construction, we moved onto making different sleeves.

We started off with a dropped sleeve, this means that the shoulder seam doesn’t actually sit on the shoulder, but lower down on the arm. To start making it, we drew round the front, back and sleeve blocks. We then measured how much we wanted to drop the sleeve on the center line of the sleeve. We curved off this mark to the 2 corners. We then cut out the excess shoulder parts that we just curved out of our sleeves, and layed them on top of the shoulders on the front and back blocks, making sure that the bottom curve lines up with the original block curve. We didn’t actually make this pieces, but I have all the pieces so that I can at a later date.

We then moved onto raglan sleeves. This sleeves mean that the arm piece is conected into the neck. These are usually seen on sports tops. To start these off, we drew round the front, back and shoulder blocks. The front and back block both need the shoulder dart moved into the waist dart. A curved line that is connected to the neck hole and the armhole is drawn, this is what it will look like when sewn together. We cut out the two sections we just drew in and we placed them on the sleeve, so that the two curves fit together. These were stuck down in place. The sleeve could either be done in two pieces, so there is a seam down the top of the arm, or done in one section with a dart at the top. I did it in one piece. We traced round the pieces, pinned them to fabric, and cut them out. The first bits sewn were the darts. I then lined up the sleeve with the front and back sections and sewed them together, making sure that they are on the right side. I then sewed the bottom sleeve seam and the side seam. The raglan sleeve is probably one of my favourite pieces that we have made in this lesson. I have garments, or have seen garments that have this kind of sleeve and think they look nice. I would love to bring this into the final piece that I make in this lesson.


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