Subtraction Cutting

Today, we were trying out substraction cutting, a different kind of fashion construction to what we normally do. Instead of the usually was of havng a block that we work from then make from there, this one is done so that we don’t know what it will end up looking like in the end. I was very wary of this because I like to know that it will look like how I designed, but with this method I will never know.

We started by laying out two sheets of material on top of each other, then sewed round three sides so that one side was still free. We then placed two circles over it, making sure that we only cut through the top layer. The further away the circles were placed, the shorter the dress, whereas the closer the circles were, the longer the dress would be.

We then turned the fabric over and they chose where we wanted the head and shoulder holes to go.The placement occured here too, so if they were further away they were shorter. We were going for a shorter dress so we placed them further away again.We then connected up the armholes and cut them out, making sure to only cut the top layer again.


The next part was sewing it together. We started by pinching the shoulders together and lifting the dress up. We sewed along the shoulders, then along the curved lines that we just made to the armholes. There was a lot of fabric which made it very hard to sew, but we did it in partners so that we could help each other. We then made to sew the circles. We turned the dress the right way then put it on a mannequin. I found it really difficult to turn try and do the circles. I couldn’t find them in the first place, then I couldn’t pin them because there was so much fabric. We checked with Louise to see if it was right because the skirt was twisted so we had to unpin and pin it again. We did it again but it still didn’t look right, we think we did it too short so it didn’t actually work.

These were the final result, it didn’t actually end up like a proper subtraction cut because the tunnel wasn’t in the right, instead the tunnel was on the outside of the dress on the back. I like how it turned out because it looks like a shift dress, all the fabric is at the bottom of the dress shape. We then started styling it in different styles.


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