I originally went into this field because I like sewing. I did art textiles at GCSE and that was when I realised that I liked it. I feel that I want to keep in this field because I enjoy sitting at a sewing machine. I feel that I do this well and that these last few years have helped me to get better and learn new things. Crafting is another big strength that I have. I know how to knit, sew, embroider, paper craft and much more because that is what I enjoy to do in my spare time. I feel that that could help me be different because I have many skills.


I feel that I am not very good at the designing aspect of this area. I find it hard to come up with ideas and to progress further once I get stuck. I can also get lost quite easily. I am also not very good at time managment, I learned more on this last semester when I did the drawing module and had to do everything myself. I feel that I can work on this though.


I have already tried to do bits and pieces to help me get some experience in different fields. I did some costume design for a school play, I really enjoyed it and I also got my name in the leaflet which I was very proud of. Last semester,my final project was based on wedding dresses and this really interested me. I have wrote into a few different wedding stores in town, hoping that they will give me and week or two experience with them so that I can understand what it’s like and help me understand the industry.


I feel that I will need to do more research to get into this industry because I am not fully prepared. However, as people are always having wedding I feel that they will always need people in this industry. I also don’t know if it will be too specialisted to either get into, or afterwards for unemployment and moving on.


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