Bamboo Origami Fashion Construction

For our support module, we have to design and make a final toile using techniques that we had already learnt. We also had to try and incorporate our initials into it. I found that really hard because mine is a S so it is just a wiggly line. Instead, I tried to use an A from my surname instead. I originaly found it realy hard to think of ideas but then Val game me the idea to look at TR Cutting. I really loved the bamboo folding that I saw on there and thought it would be something great to have a go at. I also thought that the make the folding look like a A shape which brings in my initials.

I started by drawing round the bodice block. I closed up the waist dart and opened it up in the shoulder dart. I then drew the tuck lines that I wanted, making sure the top two lines connect with the bust points. I decided to do my lines the other way to what they are usually done so I made it harder for myself. Because of that, I had to do my pattern piece upside down, so that it is like the original way. I turned it upside down and cut up each line to the end point. I then laid out the piece on a different pieces of paper and opened it up. I had to draw a 10cm line to open up each gap the right length and stuck them down there. I also had to make the middle of each of those lines. I continued drawing the lines so that I had the arms for folding the pieces under each other. I cut down each of those new lines to the cross line, and then round the whole bodies. The piece was ready for folding now! I was really confused by this to start, the paper was really stiff and I couldn’t get it to where I wanted it to go, and the pins wouldn’t go through.


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