Sewing the Bamboo

Next lesson, I moved onto cutting out and putting together the bamboo folding idea. This was actually a lot easier than I found it would be, I did a lot of practice on the paper version so I knew what I was doing.

I started by lining up the calico version with the paper version on top, that way I know where all the marks and lines were. I then put a pin in the angle where it folds, the mark that I am folding over, and the line that I am folding to. I then ripped the paper temple out the way and did the folding. I started by pinning the fabric over in place so it didn’t fall apart. I then put all the rest of that folded fabric under the rest so it didn’t get in the way. I then moved onto the next fold. I did the same as the first one, pinning where I needed to fold it and folding it over. I did this with the rest of the folds until I got to the top. I decided to move all the pins from the font to the back, so that they could hold it in place without being visible. I will later on tack the back with a few stitches so that it doesn’t fall apart and there are not any pins in it.


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