Next Interview

This week, we had an interview with the company that we have chosen to work with for the last few months. My company was Next. In this interview, we showed them our portfolio and the collection that we have been deigning, mine being childrenswear.

I wasn’t feeling to bad about this interview, I had done all the work and it shouldn’t be too hard to talk about what I had been designing for the past few months. The portfolio had to be printed on A3 sheets, however when I went into class to use the printers, I couldn’t get my work up because they use a different form of Illustrator to me. I could open them, but I couldn’t open them properly. I also did a few new pages on Illustrator, but the computer crashed and I lost it unfortunately. After all that trouble, I tried to print but the printer could do it in colour and I couldn’t sort it out (some of the pages wouldn’t even send to the printer anyway!). I gave up with that and ended up trying to print them myself. I printed them all off at home, but I dont have an A3 printer so I had to do them in A4 and tile them together, a skill I learn while working in Tindalls and making all the A1 poster to go in the A Frame.

On the day, I started to feel a lot more worried, but once I got to the Minories, Jade had already been in and she said they were really nice. I had to wait quite a while but I finally got in. They were 2 young people so I felt slightly better talking to them. I really liked my ideas too! They liked that my ideas were different to everyone else, in that I chose to look at space. And they loved my marbeling prints that I did, they were really inpressed with them wouldn’t put them down. I was really happy with how it went in the end.


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