The Gazette Essex Wedding Show

On the weekend, there was a wedding show at Charter Hall and I thought it would be a great idea to go to get some inspiration for my final year. I didn’t really know what I would expect or what I was going to find.

When we first got there, we had a quick look around to see what would be of interest. I first stopped at the Boulevard Bridal stall. The had some nice dresses and me and my mum were talking about which ones we preferred. One of the workers came over and had a chat with us. She seems really interested in my wedding dress idea and gave me some pointers as to how the industry works. She told me that when designers make their new collection, they design a ‘window display dress’, one big, beautiful dress that draws people into their collection. The rest of the collection is a lot simpler and people don’t normally buy the window display dress because it is usually far too over the top to wear. The owner ofthe store then came over. She told me about the trends that are coming in this year and next and what to be on the look oout for. They were really lovely people and they gave me lots of tips. We also had similar taste in dresses, we both like the out of the ordinary ones.

The fashion show was just about to start so we left the stall and when to get some seats. The show started with Michael J Fitch doing a little magic trick. After that the show started. Serenity Bridal started with a collection of 4 dresses. These dresses were beautiful and I got lots of pictures so I could look at the style and design of them after.

After that, Lacey’s Bridal Boutique has a show. They had a lot more dresses and a longer show. There was a lot bigger range of dresses and all the similar styled ones came out together. Most of the dresses were strapless and had lots of sparkles. But after watching it, you realise how similar all the wedding dresses look like.

After the fashion show, we had a look around in the second room. There were quite a few more stalls, but one that caught my eye was Created By Ruth Carter. She is a bespoke wedding dress designer and that really inspired me because I would love to do something like that. She showed me some of the dresses that she had made, one with hand painted silk butterflies on the skirt and the other was steampunk/Dr Who themed. They were beautiful dress and they were totally different to any dress that you would kind in any store. She said that brides always want something a little unique and different because they don’t want to all look the same. She really inspired me with both her dresses and her job.

After Ruth, we found Lacey’s Bridal Boutique stall. She had a poster with the most amazing dress on it, she said that everyone has been stopping at her stall because of that dress. It was completely different to any dress that I had seen and that was why people were stopping at it, because it was so unique. She said that she had a few more in her store that were also really popular.



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