Missoni FAD Project

The summer project we had to do in the summer ran into the beginning of semester 1 and would be part of our hand in. When we came back after the summer we started working on this project. The work mainly consists of portfolio work, but we did do some sketchbook work and we used the work that we did over the summer. I did little work over the summer but I had an idea of what I wanted to do and had some fashion concepts.


This is my Moodboard. The main ideas for this came from what I research in the summer on my London trip. When I went to Dover Street Market Molly Goddard was my favourite designer there and I wanted to use her as inspiration. I also Quite liked the tapastries that were on the wall at the missoni art exhibition, and I really liked the knitting theme throughout. I really wanted to bring in both of those aspects and maybe use them as fabric inspiration. I also took a few pictures of the London cityscape while I was there and I really liked it so I decided to bring that in too. I took my original colour palette from the pink in the Molly Goddard exhibition and the grey from the London photo, but decided that I needed more colour so chose a couple of colours from the Missoni patchwork.


This is my collection of prints. The ideas for my prints were taken from some monoprinting of the london-scapes I took. I did some simple ones but changed the building sizes each time. I then scanned them in and experimented with them. I started with some simple ones, as seen on the right, then moved my way up to more complicated ones. I wanted to bring in the patchworky, striped patterns that they have used throughout missoni designs. I also wanted them to be quite bright too so using as much colour as I could.


Dress 1.jpg

This is my first dress design. The designs came from experiments that we did with paper from shapes from out moodboard. I really wanted mine to have lots of movement and big frills. I also wanted a contrast between a stiff material and a soft material, as can be seen from the different paper that I used. I was really excited by this design but it was big and a showstopper. I loved the one shoulder fan idea on the top of the dress. I make it more wearable, the fan would be stuck on the top of a dress underneath, rather than fully attaching it. The skirt would be very stiff and tight-fitting. It would be made out of pannels and each one would have a edgey londonscape in the seam. The bottom would then be showcasing the contrasting the floaty, gathered fabric.

Dress 2.jpg

The second design isn’t as dramatic as the first one. But I went for a similar aspect. This one comes in a two piece, a dress and a shawl. The shawl I wanted to be in a thick material that would have a laser vut edge to resemble the londonscape again. The rest of the dress would be long and straight. But to make it interesting it would have a section cut out that would have a hidden accordian pleat section in it.


This is my fashion designs and my print designs put together. I wanted it to be bright and contrasting and I think I have got that. On the first design, I really like the alternating pattern skirt, I used 2 of my companion prints so there wasn’t too much going on. I used the same idea of the fan. The botttom of the dress I used to keep plain and hopefully used a similar pink tulle as in the Molly Goddard garments. The second design has a similar idea. The main dress has a very bright print on it, so because of that I kept the rest of it quite simple. I wanted to keep the pink a big aspect because that was the first colour I chose for my colour palette.

*Some colours are altered from where they were saved from photoshop, the print page has the true colours*


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