As our Missoni project finished the other week, we have moved onto our pre-collection!

I missed the first week of of pre-collection talks so I having some struggles at home about what to do and if it would be good enough. I wanted to keep int he wedding dress theme because that is my theme for the year. Because that is such a broad area I didn’t know what to do within it, but I also didn’t want to refine it down too much and lose the theme.

I decided to go down the route of colour. What I have found from looking through my research is that coloured dresses are no-existent now. When walking into a wedding shop, all you will see is a sea of white. I think it looks very beautiful but it all looks the same from that point. I to bring coloured wedding dresses back into the running, not just because you want to be unique or quirky.

I started my research by opening some pinterest boards. I started with an overall board that had everything and anything that interested me. It starts to get more refined nearer the end of it though which shows the ideas that I am going with. The pinterest board is here. I have another board which is the start of fabrics and details that I have looked at and might bring into it. The pinterst board is here.

I am really excited to continue my research with this project and to see how it goes from here!


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