Over reading week, I went to the florist to buy some roses. I decided that roses would be a nice extra to look into of my wedding dresses. I hadn’t decided what colour roses I wanted until I went to the florist. As soon as I walked in, there were a whole bunch of roses in all different colours. I took some photos of the bunches that were there so I could see that colour together.

As well as looking at the roses, I also bought some of my own. I thought it would be useful for picking a colour palette. I also wanted to have a go at drawing some roses.


These were the 5 colours that I chose to look at for my colour palette. I thought it would be easier to mess around with a colour palette physically.

These were the colour palettes that I looked at. My initial favourite was the pink, purple, white and yellow one. I thought they had a nice mix, but I didn’t know whether it might look too light so I think it would be better if the red was also involved.


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