Roses Techniques

Today was a day to experiment with different kinds of rose techniques. I have been looking through pinterest and have made a board about everything roses that I have found. I pinned a few techniques that I think are really interesting and want to have a go at. The pinterest board is here.

I started with these roses that Louise taught me from the TR cutting visit the day before. I started by drawing a circle with a compass on a piece of scrap calico. I cut out the circle and drew a little square in the middle and also cut that out. I pinned the circle to a larger piece of fabric, this is the one that the rose will be made out of. I sewed round the square and cut it out of the other fabric. I pulled the fabric through the middle so the edges were hidden. I taped the circle to the table and started to twist the satin fabric. I did this until it covered the middle hole and it made the perfect rose shape. I pinned the twisted shape so I didn’t lose it. I made a few of these in different sizes.

After I had a few of these I asked Louise how I would put these into fabric. That way they can relate to my work and see how I can fin them into garments. To start, I measure the size of the circle and drew another one on the fabric that I want the roses in. I then drew one that was 2cm smaller than the original. I cut the smaller circle out and pinned the rose into this hole. As the hole is smaller than the rose I had to fiddle a little so it was perfectly in. I sewed it wrong sides together, and pulled it all through to the right side. I was really happy with how they turned out and I found them really fun to do. I like how none of them would look the same because they are all individually twisted.

After I had finished my roses, I moved onto some ruffled roses that I found on pinterest. I started by cutting a 6cm wide strip on the bias. I had to use organza because we didn’t have anything else to use at uni. I folded the strip in half and ironed it. I sewed a gathering stitch on either side of the folded line and gathered it all up. I got the background fabric and started to sew the gathers to it. I sewed along the middle fold line, all along the top of the fabric, then when I hit the edge I turned it and started a newe line. I continued this with a few more strips. I like the texture that this process created however I would probably do it out of a brighter fabric to make it look more like a rose.


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