Rose Skirt

One of my dress designs that I have drawn was a skirt with panels that then turn into roses. I had this idea up in my head so I wasn’t actually sure if it would work, but had a go at making the pattern up myself.

I started by drawing round a skirt block pattern, I then split the skirt into three panels. I kept the darts where they were but I should have thought about moving them to where the panels fall. I traced off the panel pieces seperately and added seam allowance along the top part of the pattern, I left the bottom because that’s where I’m not sewing. I then cut them out and pinned them to fabric and cut them out.

I started with the far left panel of the front of the skirt. I sewed it to the other middle section, right sides together. I then folded them over at the seam and topstitched along it to create a ridge, much like a french seam. It was best to steam them between each ridge to keep them crisp. I did this with the rest of the front panels. I then started with the back panels by sewing each side and leaving an opening at the center back.

I pinned it to a mini mannequin so I could see how it worked and I was really happy. It was still quite lond at this point as I hadn’t done the roses yet. The roses proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought, maybe because they are done at half the size. I once I got the hang of it it went well though. I’m really happy wth how it turned out and think it’s a really interesting idea!



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