Pre-collection Dress

This week has been the start of my pre-collection outfit. I had to choose one of the designs that I drew and to make one. Each of my designs were designed around each of the processes that I did earlier in the term.

I outfit that I chosen to make for my pre-collection is a gathered top with rose hem skirt – like the one in an earlier post.

I started by drawing round a fitted bodice block. I drew round both sides because the top is asymetric. I drew in where I wanted the crossing line on the top and traced of the section. I drew in two more lines from adjacent to the first. I then did two more from the armhole, making sure not to cut right through the armhole. I spaced each gap by 3cm then stuck it down on another piece of paper. I evened out the edges and added seam allowance all the way round. For the lining piece, I drew the same shape as the gathering piece. I moved both the dart into the armhole and got righ of the other one. I cut both of these pieces out and pinned them to fabric.

I pinned the fabric to some lightweight calico, I thought this would be best because I wanted something that would lay well without it loosing too much shape or being too stiff. I started by sewing the darts in the lining. I sewed the neckline pieces together and folded it to theright side. That way it has a neat edge. I then gathered the shoulder, hem and side seam of the top. I pushed the gathers in the hem to the middle of the top because if they were close to the side seams then they wouldn’t be seen because of the way it sit on the body. I laid the top piece over the bottom and measure how much gathering I need in each to be the right size and pinned it. I sewed along all the edges to keep both pieces together.

I did the same but flipped it for the other side. I then pinned it on the side seams and hem and sewed them together. I might need to pin the gathers into place so that they stay.


The back piece is also one piece. I traced round the back bodice block and moved the shoulder dart to the waist dart. I measured the shoulder seam on the front piece to make sure it’s the same size on the back and added a small v-neck. I added seam allowance round everywhere except the CB seam. I pinned it to the same fabric and cut it out. I cut out two pieces as I’m also going to line this piece. I started sewing it by sewing the waist seams. I then sewed the neckline together and flipped it to the right side. I then sewed all along the sides to keep the lining together. I then sewed the shoulder seams and one of the side seams to the front section. The top was then finished and I could move onto the skirt.

To start the skirt, I grabbed an a-line skirt block. I closed the waist dart so that it flick out the skirt a little more. I worked out what length I wanted the skirt to be with the roses and added extra to the hem so that I can roll the roses up. I kept the same length as the block but added a little extra to the bottom, just to make sure I have enough to make the roses. I used a meter ruler to flick out the side over more to make it a bigger skirt. I added seam allowance on the waist and the side seam and cut it out.

When I pinned it to the fabric, I did both of them at the same time. I used one layer of red organza and one layer of pink. I thought they would look good when layered up together.


To start the skirt, I layered the organza together and sewed the side seam. I was going to do french seam but to save time I just did a normal seam. I then laid the skirt on the table I tried to work out where I wanted the roses to go. I though less would be better so I split it into quarters. This was easy to work out because one side of the skirt measure 100cm. I pinned where the slits would be and cut up them 17cm. I started to swirl the fabric to make it look like roses and pinned them in place when they looked good. The two roses that were on the sewed side seam were a little hard to do. I didn’t want to cut the seam because the fabric would be frayed so I just tried to make corner roses instead. It was quite difficult to make them look good. I tthought the roses looked really good once the were swirled, the organza worked really well and I liked how the pink organza came out in the roses.

I then worked on putting the skirt and the top together. I started by sewing the waist seam. I then decided to put a invisible zip in the sideseam. I completely forgot how to put invisible zips in but once I asked Val it all came back. The zip looked really good once put in and I was really happy with it. I tidied up some little bit and then the dress was finished! I am so happy with it and I think it looks really great and professional.



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