Memory Box

My collection is all completely inspired by a memory box that I borrowed from Colchester Castle. I know I wanted to base it on the 1950s so I was looking for places I could get inspiration, and I found that Colchester Castle has memory boxes from different times with different objects. When I first found it I didn’t really that it would be such a big help for me and become the basis for my entire collection. IMG_1695IMG_1593

This is iron that was in the box. I really liked the dial on the top of it.IMG_1606


This is a clothes Brush. I found this really inspirational, and have taken many elements of it to inspire my collection. The colour of the box is being used. The barrel is taken as inspiration of the pleats in my collection. The bristles are where my idea for fringing and tassles has come from. IMG_1581IMG_1577

This is a little pocket binoculars. I tired to take different shapes from it and so how they could be incorporated into my collection.IMG_1560

This is a little bag that was in the box. I was originally going to use this a colour inspiration but decided that were too many colours so narrowed it down to my colour palette of yellow, white and grey.


I was really inspired by the piping set. I like to do lots of baking myself so I found it quite personal. I like the shaped of the nozzels, especially the star shape ones, and want to incorporated them into my collection.


There were a few accesories and fashion items in the box. This were helpful to see the fashion then but I didn’t was to rely on them too much. I liked the topstitching on this hat and want to use topstitching within my own collection.


This was the strangest item of them all. It’s a rug maker. I didn’t originally know what it did so I just started to take pictures of it. I really liked the shapes that I drew from it and they ended up being my inspiration for my panels. The rope was really interesting too and the weave design on it is going to come out in topstitching.


This is a dress that was in the box. I really liked it and it looked like something that I would probably wear myself. I thought it would be interesting to see the construction of it.


This is a magazine that was in the box, and probably my favourite item. It looked like something that I would probably read myself.


This was my favourite page. I loved the illustrations and the colour and this was colour inspiration for my collection and where the yellow came from.DSC_1005


I like to see the pages with dress patterns because I am really inspired by the 1950 shape of dresses.


I liked the little illustrations that were present throughout the magazine.


And the adverts for different objects, this adverts showing a iron that looked very similar to the one I got in the box.


It was interesting to see the different styles too. This one showing the ‘fringed look’ that is in, a style that is very prominent in my collection.


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