Work in Progress Exhibition

As part of our pre-collection, some of the students are chosen to exhibit their work in the Hay Gallery at Uni. Some of these students are then visited by Paul Smith’s team and are chosen for the Nicole Abbott award.

We were able to have a look around the exhibition and see how they have presented their work. This will halpe to get ideas for when we have to present our final collections at the end of the year.

I really love the way that this collection has been laid out. This is a fashion and textiles collection so I like the way they have shown both of them. The wall with the different prints layered up were my favourite. It looed really effective and it showed all the work that had been done. Next to that, there was a wall with the printed ties. They were hung and wrapped around a copper pipe. The other squared of printed fabric were hung with fishing wire so you couldn’t see it.


This is also a print collection. What I really love about it is the giant pegs that they have used to hang the print up with. I think they are the perfect size, they arent too small like normal pegs and they aren’t too big that they stand out. I also like the idea that you could change the colour of them to match your collection because they are made of wood.


This is my favourite way of displaying a porfolio. I like that they are all on a cupboard, it kind of adds a frame to them and makes them stand out more. They each have a layer of plastic over them or have been laminated to make them crisper and to protect them. It also makes them look important.



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