Outfit 1 – Fringed Dress

This is my first dress, and the one that is going to used in the photoshoot. I went for the one that I thought looked like the most effort.

This is the technical drawing of the dress, and the colour outcome of it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.03.44

I started my making a toile of the dress, because as I found out later on, the dress is a weird size because the pattern is from on old 1950s pattern book. In the book you have to get rid of the darts and move them into a off-the-shoulder style, and have tucks at the bust instead of darts. I found this really tricky because they wouldn’t lay properly and when I tried it on someone it was so small that no one to wear it.

Back at the drawing board, I adapted the patten so that someone could wear it and moved the darts and shoulders so that it fitted better.

This is the outcome of the finished bodice.I looks a lot better than the toile and fits better. I wanted to originally have tassels in the shoulder seam, however the place I was buying them from could get them until april so I had to adapt and think of something else. I found this tassle trim from the same place, dyes it yellow, and I think I prefer it to the original tassles. They were tricky to sew in though, the darts were hard enough but when I had to sew them with a thick tassle trim it made it even harder.


Next came the making of the skirt. The pattern for this was pretty simple because it was a simple a-line skirt. I paneled it off for the pleating and fringing. I started by dying all the finging and the pleating, however I had a few problems. Once the pleating was dyed, it had shrunk and was shorter and it was meant to be, and when I was sewing the fringing I had realised that I hadn’t dyed enough of the grey and I had to shorten it even more because I didn’t have enough time so buy and dye more fringing. However, once it was all sewn together, you wouldn’t even realise all the problems I had with the skirt.

The only thing I had left to do was the waist and the zip. The waist seam was fine, the problems came when I did the zip. I didn’t have a centre back seam so I had to cut one in, and I cut it a little too much and the zip wasn’t long enough. I had to adapt it and make the zip slightly shorted with a dart at the bottom to close it up.

This is the finished dress.




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