David Lam Photo

Last week we got back our professional photos from the photoshoot. I am really happy with how it has turned out. I went to the photoshoot without any ideas on how I wanted it stylised. I wanted to keep it quite simple and not to take away from the dress though. However, I did know that I wanted to use shoes with socks because I thought that would be quite quirky and bring out my sense of style. I found the shoes on New Look and they are the perfect yellow to match my dress, and I bought the socks from Primark in a multipack. David Lam took over the photoshoot and told her how he wanted her to model, but a lot of it she did by herself. I like that they made her look quite cute and innocent, much like I feel the dress represents. I think the edit really brings out the colour and the shape of the dress, which is a running theme in my collection.Shannon Adams

Photographer: David Lam @davidlamphoto

Model: Yasmin Salmon @yasmarie23

Designer: Shannon Adams @shazziiee_fashion


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