Social Networking

Recently I set up a professional instagram profile to showcase all my uni work. I have always had a personal instagram which I have posted some of my work on, but I thought it would be more professional to make onw just for my uni work. I also thought it would be a good way to progress my work. I thought I would be able to post more on it too, whereas people might not be as interested in my fashion work on my personal account. It has only recently been set up but it already has my research, processes and outcome on there to show. I am hoping to continue using this instagram account after I have left uni to showcase what I have done after and any new project in this field I do. Instagram: @shazziiee_fashion


Pinterest is another website that I have always used. I started mine up just before my first year at uni and it has grown since then. I have used pinterest to collection research and ideas. I find it the best to use whwn just starting a project and find inspiration. I have referenced to certain pinterest boards often on my blog. Most recently I have used it to get ideas for my portfolio and have pinned other students work to see how they have laid theirs out. My Pinterest



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