Etsy Store

A year or so before I started my degree, I set up an etsy store to sell jewellery. I used make my own hair clips and bracelets and wear them to school. People would always comment on them and said they want some. I started selling them to people at school if they wanted them, and sold them at charity week so earn some money for charity. I thought I would try and sell them to a wider audience so I decided to set up an Etsy store to sell them.

The shop was easy to set up and maintain. It started off quite slow at the beginning, but once being on Etsy for a while it started to pick up a bit more. I even started to have custom orders and requests to make for customers.

The business died down a bit more while I have been at uni, but as I am nearing the end of it I decided to jump back into it. I renewed some of my items and already ended up with 2 or 3 new orders.

I am hoping to comtinue this shop after I have finished uni, but I would like to branch more into the fashion side. I have always wanted to have my own shop and sell what I make and I feel that this has been a way of experiencing it on a small scale.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.17.11


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