Outfit 2 – Star Dress

This is my second outfit finished. I thought this would be my secong longest one to make so I decided to make this one second.

This is the  technical drawing of the dress, and the colour layout.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.14.28

I jumped right into make the dress this time rather than making a toile first.

The top of this dress has 3 darts instead of 1. I didn’t know how to do this so I asked Val for some help. It was easier to do than I originally thought so that was good. Val also suggested that I do some topstitching along the darts and I really liked the idea because I thought it would tie in with all the topstitching used in my dresses. This dress also has a zigzag neckline with facing on the inside that I made to measure out when do the pattern to make it even.


I then had to do the topstitching on the straps. The takey forever to do but I think they look really nice. The idea was that I was going to but the straps between the front and the facing, except that didn’t really work because I couldn’t turn it out in the end because of the way it was sewed. So in the end I had to pin them to the inside and topstitch along the zipzags to keep them in place. It doesn’t look the best but it does the job.

I then moved onto the skirt. This is my first bit of quilting so I was quite excited to try it out and so how it would end up. I started by make a stencil of the stars so that they would all look even and the same throughout the dress. I places pins at all the points rather than drawing it on so that it wouldn’t leave a mark. I wanted the side seams to continue onto the back panels so I used up the side seams then traced the stars so that they continued perfectly. I am really happy with how they turned out.

I then quilted the rest of the skirt and sewed up the back seam so that I could see if it looked good and would be able to see what it would look like on someone. My mum modelled it because she the models we use are the same size as her. The only problem is she is a lot shorted so it is harder to work out the length.

The bottom of the dress was meant to have a pleated panel, but I changed it when I realised that I didn’t have enough fabric for the pleating, and I had enough trouble with the pleating on the last dress. I then thought it would be a good idea to change it into just panel, but then Val suggested I used the fringing and I thought it was a good idea.


I then went back to star at the back. The originally idea was a cutout, but I then changed it to a yellow star. But then I found it really difficult to sew it in. I tried both machine sewing and hand sewing. I finally got fed up with it so I reverted back to the cutout idea because I though it would be easier. I cut out a new facing for the inside and sewing and turned out the stars.


After sewing all the section together I then got my mum to try it on again. Again, it didn’t really fit as she is too small but I could work out any bits that didn’t look right. I realised they the star at the back looks really bad so I know that I had to sort that out.

Once at uni I could put it on a mannequin and check out the fit properly. I also sorted out the stars at the back so that they were more even.




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