Outfit 3 – Pinafore

This is my 3rd dress. The inspiration for this one has come from the rug maker in the memory box, however it does have a pinafore feel about it.

This is the technical drawing and the colour combination of outfit 3.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 18.18.22

I started with the bodice of this outfit. I was told to use the lingerie block because it already gave me the shape that I wanted, the only problem was that it wasn’t fitted enough. I made quite a few samples and adapted them to try and get the shape I want, it’s also strapless so I didn’t want it to fall down. Val then said that I should turn the darts into panels instead and this made it much easier to adapt it, it also meant that I could have the yellow panels on the outside like in my original idea.

This is the top without the lining, and with the topstitched chevron straps.

This is the finished top, with the lining and the fringing. I had an issue with the zip in the back, I needed a 6 inch open ended zip so the top could be taken on and off, but as I later found out they do not exist. I found one on a obscure ebay shop and the only colour it came in was black so it had to do, even if black isn’t in my colour palette. Once I out it in I really liked it though.

The skirt was easy to make. It was made of 6 panels, 2 quilted and the rest left plain. There are also 2 yellow panels at the waist and hem to frame the skirt. I wanted the skirt to be fitted on the hips, like a pencil skirt, so I had to adjust the skirt and take it in a little more after it was all sewn together.

This is the final outcome. I am really happy with this outfit and is probably one of my favourites. It was the first one that I designed so I have a strong love for it.


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