Outit 4 – Stripes

This is my 4th and final dress design. This dress I designed and made within a week when some of my friends thought that I should have a 5th dress design, however I prefered this design to my original design so I decided to make this one instead.

This is the technical drawings and the colour combination of outfit 4.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.56.05

I started with the bodice. I decided to make the halterneck bodice, also from the 1950s pattern book that the off-the-shoulder top was from. I made a toile first because  wanted to make sure the top was a nice fit, and hopefully won’t turn out like the toile of the off-the-shoulder top that I made. Surprisingly, it went well! Although I did ajust a few things, I lowered the neckline and took in the back because it was quite big. I also wanted to see what length the bow at the back should be.

I then made it up in the proper fabric. I wanted the fringing to be in all the seams so I had to buy some more and dye it. I also thought of the idea of dipdying the end of my straps so that it ties in the yellow. I did mess up the dipdying as I accidentally got dye on the white end, but i gave it a thorough wash when it had dried to hopefully get it out, and it pretty much did. The fringing in the seams were pretty tricky, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t too bad.

For the skirt I made yellow and white stripes. I sewed the front and back panels together so that it would be easier to sew the fringing in one section and to match up the side seams. I like the stripes of the skirt because it reminds me of a beach dress.


This is the final outcome of my final dress. I love this one and it is my new favourite. This one doesn’t have any grey in it like the other dresses but I think it makes a nice accompliment to the collection.



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