Fashion Show

This Thursday was the fashion show! The event we have been working towards this whole time!

On Wednesday we had a dress fitting. All the models came in and each one was chosen to wear each collection. I was quite worried about that because I know that some of my dresses are a small fit so I just hoped that they would fit someone. We had a few switch arounds of dresses, but they all fit and they looked really good!

On Thursday, the fashion show day, we had to meet at Firstsite at 1, making sure we had everything we need for the fashion show. We had to bring the asos shoes that we bought a couple of days ago, and any accesories that we bought for the models to wear. I bought some summer hats from primark because I thought that would give the dresses a summer feel.

We each had a model that we had to dress for the show. We had to make sure we get them in the right outfits at the right time and help them in and out of them. I was really worried about this because I had to be the one in charge of the model and make sure everything goes perfect. We had a rehearsal dress early in the day and it didn’t go that well. I went too fast and that meant that a lot of the dressers stuggled to get the model ready in time. It did help to realise that we needed to slow down the actual show, but it also got us really stressed for the real show.

But there was actually nothing to worry about! The real show went really well! The show slowed down a little bit, so instead of the models rushing to get out in time, they were lining up waiting to go.

All my dresses look amazing when they were out and I was really proud of them. My collection also has another student, Olivia’s, clutch bags walk out with them. They looked really good and went well with my collection too.


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